Tune-up the HVAC.

Tune-ups and upgrades of HVAC equipment can save up to 35 percent consumption.  

Unblock Vents.

Blocked vents can cause 25 percent more energy consumption.

Ask about audits.

Many of Arkansas's utility providers offer free or low-cost audits to measure the energy efficiency of your building.  


Make your business more energy efficient

Looking for additional resources?

Contact Ryan Burris at ryan.burris@adeq.state.ar.us or (501) 682-0976.

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

The most used energy measurement and tracking tool for both public and private commercial buildings. It's free to use! For help setting up an account, contact Chet Howland at howland@adeq.state.ar.us or (501) 682-7319.

Arkansas Energy Technology Loan (AETL) Program

Low interest rate loans are provided to assist Arkansas companies in financing their energy related cost reduction retrofits and green energy implementation. The AETL Program provides two funding mechanisms for potential applicants.

News Bulletins

The EEA newsletter provides a brief exposition of news and updates about energy efficiency options in Arkansas.

Training & Events

Learn how to save money & energy

Energy Efficiency Practitioner Certification (See attached)

Optimization of HVAC System Performance for Energy Efficiency (See attached)

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Energy Efficiency Arkansas

A partnership between the Arkansas Energy Office and Arkansas's investor-owned electric and natural gas utilities, Energy Efficiency Arkansas exists to provide Arkansans with unbiased information about cost-effective energy efficient practices, improvements and technologies.


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