Energy Efficiency Arkansas, a program approved by the Arkansas Public Service Commission and administered by the Arkansas Energy Office exists to equip you, as housing industry professionals, as well as homeowners on the cost-effective measures that will improve energy efficiency.

Many of your clients are interested in reducing energy consumption to save money. Some are motivated by environmental impact. In both instances, the key barrier to investment in energy efficiency is lack of information and education. That’s where you can help!

Energy Efficiency Arkansas has gathered the resources and tools needed for your clients to make no-cost, low-cost and investment improvements in their existing and future homes. All you have to do is share this information, whether you point them to the website or distribute the Energy Efficiency Fact Sheets. We find that homeowners who take the “Tighten Up Challenge,” find they’re not as savvy as they thought on the everyday consumption of their energy usage.

3 Steps to Energy Efficiency

  1. Audit. Use the Tighten Up Challenge to locate opportunities to make a home more energy efficient. Many of EEA’s partners also conduct energy efficiency audits: Empire District Electric, Entergy, and Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO).
  2. Upgrade. It isn’t hard to do a quick Tighten Up. Here are some simple ideas to get your clients off on the right foot:
    • Seal the ductwork. Sealing the leaks can reduce cooling costs from 15 to 20 percent or more.
    • Update your AC. Replacing your old AC unit with an ENERGY STARĀ® qualified model could cut your cooling costs by 30 percent.
    • Install water-saving or low-flow showerheads. Low-flow models reduce volume of water by as much as 50 percent without reducing water pressure.
    • Check out our videos and fact sheets to learn how to Tighten Up!
  3. Save. “Homes built to International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) minimum energy standards will save new homeowners $235 a year.” -ICF

Tighten Up for Happy Clients

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